Xuexi Qiangguo” platform has launched the “Blockchain Technology Introduction” video learning course

The “Xuexi Qiangguo” platform has been launched as an introduction to blockchain technology video learning course. The 25-episode video includes a preliminary introduction to blockchain, consensus protocols in blockchain, Bitcoin preliminary, Ethereum and smart contracts, blockchain performance improvement, blockchain security, blockchain and big data, as well as in-depth analysis of blockchain instances and specific programming code examples.




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People’s dangjian cloud launches blockchain H5 product “Chain” on initial resolution”

What effect will the party building and blockchain have? “Chain” on initial resolution” went live today. This product is the Communist Party of China news network, the People’s dang jian cloud, the first time will be the party building and blockchain technology combination, so that the vast number of Party members and cadres in the experience of blockchain new technology in the process, in a novel form to let party members retain initial resolution, verify initial resolution, do not forget initial resolution. This is not only a new attempt at party building, but also a new scenario for blockchain application.

Party members can record their ” initial resolution” through this product, which will be generated as a ” initial resolution” block, which will be permanently retained on the blockchain and cannot be changed. Party members will get a key and have three options:

1, you can put it into the time capsule, in the annual political birthday (party day) or party birthday with the initial resolution key open, to view the ” initial resolution”;

2, choose to climb the initial resolution wall, directly open their ” initial resolution”, so that all people witness together;

3, mail to the future of their own, set mail collection time, no key, when landing on the PEOPLE’s Party to build a cloud platform will automatically pop up.

“The years have taken away you and my love, but they can’t take you and my heart.” “Let’s record together, witness together.” What are you waiting for? Come and sweep the code to record the initial resolution.


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