Apple and Intel launch antitrust lawsuit against Fortress Investment Group

Apple, with its strong cash flow and profitability, has been the blood-sucking target of the major patent hooligans. However, the company’s legal department is not vegetarian in the case of some malicious lawsuits. Apple is clearly more willing to fight back than the conservative stance of other companies. In recent years, the company is more frequently used such means, and even take the initiative to launch attacks on patent hooligans.

Apple and Intel launch antitrust lawsuit against Fortress Investment Group

(via BGR)

In recent days, Apple and Intel have joined forces to launch an antitrust lawsuit against SoftBank’s Fortress Investment Group, Reuters reported.

The companies made it clear that Fortress’s sole purpose was to abuse its patent portfolio in order to extract big profits from other technology companies.

And as with other cancers in the industry, Fortress Investment Group does not explicitly introduce products or services.

According to the complainant, the business engaged in anti-competitive behaviour, operating in a manner that was to hoard patents and launch extortion against other businesses.

At least 25 lawsuits have been filed against iPhone makers and $2.6 billion to $5.1 billion in damages, Reuters added.

In some lawsuits, Fortress argued that Apple is entitled to up to $2.75 in compensation for every iPhone it sells.

Apple’s complaint with Intel reads:

Fortress and its PAE make excessive ill-gotten gains from hardware and software vendors of Intel, Apple, and other electronic devices or components in an unfair and anticompetitive manner.

Its purpose in hoarding related patents is anti-competition – investing in netting at a cost below the value of the patent’s holding to attract as many potential licensees as possible and allowing it and other defendants to claim as much infringement as possible.

Yet Fortress’s claim clearly exceeds the actual value of patents, and both Apple and Intel are forced to spend heavily to deal with a string of harassment lawsuits.

As part of the complaint, the companies want defendants to be held accountable for losses they have suffered as a result of resolving patent disputes, including attorneys’ fees and the various add-ons mentioned in the statement.

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