Razer launches Star Wars Stormtrooper’s custom-made Kraken headset

Led by a new Star Wars game, the smell-sensitive peripheral maker Razer has also launched a new version of the “Storm Trooper” custom-made Kraken headset. It’s no different in parameters than the regular version, but it’s more appealing to Fans of the Galaxy Empire who like Star Wars in terms of exterior color.

Razer launches Star Wars Stormtrooper's custom-made Kraken headset

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The RAZER Kraken Stormtrooper Edition headset is known to feature a 50mm drive unit for e-sports players and compatible with PC, Mac, game console synod and mobile device platforms.

The headset also delivers a low, stunning 7.1 surround sound effect (Windows 10 64-bit only), providing precise positioning that allows players to easily distinguish between enemy attack defenses to gain a head start in battle.

For conversational convenience, Razer Kraken also comes with a one-way telescopic microphone that provides a clear ingest experience during a call. Thanks to an improved heart-shaped microphone, Kraken is able to effectively suppress background noise when picking up sound.

Razer launches Star Wars Stormtrooper's custom-made Kraken headset

For wear, the Razer Kraken Stormtrooper Edition headphones feature thick aluminum headbands and cool gel ear cushions for maximum comfort during long games.

In addition, the headset comes with an embedded controller that adjusts the volume and microphone, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. Star Wars fans can now buy for $110 (770 RMB / 120 euros).

Finally, razer has launched three other products, including the Black Widow Lite keyboard, The Atheris mouse, and the Goliath Extended Edition mouse pad as part of the Storm Trooper’s custom perimeter.

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