NASA Curiosity takes another cute selfie

Over the years, NASA scientists’ collaborations with the Curiosity probe have brought many exciting moments, revealing fascinating details about the red planet and its history, foreign media reported. Recently, the probe launched its second historic “special chemical experiment” and celebrated the end of the experiment with a brand new self-portrait.


NASA posted this photo on its website on October 11, local time, and perhaps when you saw it, it was taken like our daily selfie, but it was actually stitched together from 57 photos.

Curiosity has been on Mars for seven years hoping to unlock more of the planet’s secrets. It can be said that it devoted his life to the exploration of a crater called Gail.

It is understood that one of the most interesting features of the crater is a towering mountain area called Mount Sharp. The rover has been climbing Mount Sharp for some time and reached an area known as the clay bearing unit. As its name suggests, this is an area with exposed clay-based rocks, and because clay is so good at revealing chemical history, the detector has the opportunity to use special cups specially designed for this purpose for “wet chemistry” experiments.

“We’ve been eager to find a field that’s compelling enough to do wet chemistry research,” Paul Mahaffy of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said in a statement. Now we’re in the unit, and we finally get it. “

But these experiments will take a long time to complete, and researchers on Earth won’t know the results until next year. So it might be a really good place for Curiosity to take a selfie.

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