Tesla’s “One more thing”: the all-terrain electric car that fits Cybertruck

At the end of today’s launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck, Elon Musk uttered three English words, “One more thing”, familiar to most tech insiders, with an introduction to the electric All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). It is understood the ATV fits perfectly into the just-released Cybertruck pickup truck, which can be mounted into the pickup and charged.

It is not clear whether the ATV will become a production vehicle. CEO Elon Musk didn’t elaborate on the Tesla brand’s four-wheeler, but it looks very similar to your regular gasoline-powered all-terrain vehicle. As we can see from our performance on stage, the power is passed through the chain drive to the wheels, and the body panels extend to each wheel.

Tesla officials have not disclosed any other specifications other than knowing that the car is electric.

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