Astronomers discover a new ‘warm Jupiter’ exoplanet

Astronomers from around the world have just confirmed the existence of a new “warm Jupiter” exoplanet. It was first discovered by NASA’s Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and confirmed after further investigation. The exoplanet is larger than Jupiter, but unlike our gasgiant planet, it orbits its host star much closer.

Astronomers discover a new 'warm Jupiter' exoplanet

The new gas giant, now known as TOI-677 b, is thought to be 23 percent larger than Jupiter and has a rotation of 11.23 days on Friday. This makes it a “warm Jupiter” rather than a “hot Jupiter”.

THE HOST STAR OF THIS GAS GIANT PLANET, TOI-677, IS SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO THE SUN. It is estimated to be about 18% more mass than the sun and a surface temperature of about 6300 Kelvin. The surface temperature of the sun is approximately 5800 Kelvin.

When astronomers discover new exoplanets lurking deep in space, it’s easy to imagine the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In the case of TOI-677 b, this is not the place we had hoped to find any form of life. Based on scientists’ understanding of the distance between TOI-677 b and its star, its temperature may be getting higher.

The researchers calculated that the equilibrium temperature was about 1252 Kelvin. The equilibrium temperature takes into account only the heat emitted from the star and is based on the distance between the star and any given planet. It does not take into account the composition of the planet itself or any atmosphere, and since TOI-677 b is a gaseous giant planet, the temperature inside the planet may exceed that temperature.

According to data collected by the team, there may be multiple planets orbiting the same star. They will also need further analysis to determine whether there is a second planet around TOI-677.

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