Twitter announces launch of two-step verification without phone number

Well-known social media Twitter (Twitter) has been using two-step verification for years to ensure user security, but sMS verification this way is also easy to leave a security risk, because the SIM exchange hijacked login verification code cases occur, the company announced the official launch of a two-step verification method without a phone number.

Twitter announces launch of two-step verification without phone number

Entering a SMS verification code was once a compulsory course to log into a Twitter account, and although the company later offered login switching options such as Google Authenticator and Yubike keys, it had to sign up for a phone number on Twitter and verify it via SMS. Just a few months ago, however, the account of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive, was hacked to the top of Dorsey’s Twitter account through sim exchange. The company confirmed a few weeks later that the hackers had attacked using a phone number registered for two-step verification.

Although Twitter’s security department has officially announced that it can register for two-step verification (2FA) without a phone number, some users have reported that the registration process still requires a phone number, and it appears that the improvement has not yet been fully activated.

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