Nreal Light Developer Suite Opens Global Presale, China Sells for 9699RMB

Nreal is a Beijing-based MR startup that has been focusing on MR product development. Just today (November 21) the company officially announced: The Nreal Light Developer Kit is officially available for pre-sale worldwide, with a price tag of 9,699RMB in China. So what kind of product is Nreal Light? What’s so special about it? Let’s get to know it!

Real Light Developer Suite Opens Global Presale, China Sells for $9699

The Nreal Light developer suite includes a Real Light glasses, a 3DoF controller, and a computing unit with qualcomm 845.

The global pre-sale launch also proves that Nreal Light has launched mass production on a large scale and that developers can also book at

According to information, at present, Nreal has more than 3500 registered developers in the world, the first batch of 28 content partners in China was officially announced not long ago. At the same time, Nreal also provides developers with the Development SDK, which provides developers with key tools, including spatial computing, real-time rendering, human-computer interaction, face recognition, and supports android Native and Unity development environments.

In addition, in order to further build Nreal’s global influence, Nreal has partnered with Korean telecommunications operator LGU Plus to enter the Korean market. It is expected that the pilot will be launched prior to the commercialization of Real Light in the first half of 2020, with the establishment of a 5G-AR user experience area in 35 offices in LGU plus, Korea, and 5 flash stores.

“Despite the high market prospects for AR equipment/products, there are still high thresholds for users due to the high price,” said Song Dayuan, Managing Director of LGU Plus’s Future Equipment Division. “

“We’re excited to partner with LGU Plus to deliver the AR experience to consumers, and we want to bring application developers and content creators together to drive 5G commercialization,” said Xu Chi, the company’s founder and CEO, who was an engineer at Magic Leap. “

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