The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

The design was inspired by the Silver Wings Killer, Musk’s own “favorite model”: the Tesla electric pickup Cybertruck has finally arrived. At 12 noon Beijing time on November 22, Tesla held a new launch in Los Angeles, USA, to officially release the long-awaited Tesla pickup model, the Cybertruck.

Original title: Musk: Heart-stopping! Tesla electric pickup released for $39,000

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The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Cybertruck’s launch, which takes Tesla out of the electric sedan/SUV’s capabilities, also means that Cybertruck will be Tesla’s first weapon in the U.S. pickup market.

Because pickupmodels have more profit margins than cars, the Tesla pickup stakes could be another model to make money after the Model 3/Y. “To advance the process of electrification, we have to introduce electric pickups. Musk said at the launch.

From appearance to configuration, Tesla’s product information on the electric pickup is highly confidential, and Tesla enthusiasts can only look for clues from Musk’s interviews and his tweets, such as Musk’s claim that the futuristic model was inspired by the Silver Wings.

And when Cybertruck takes to the stage and makes its global debut, it’s more like a car ready to be sold to the Mars market.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

To show Cybertruck’s sturdiness, Musk put the man on stage with a hammer and hammered the prototype directly to the center of the stage. After two hammerings, the Door of the Cybertruck prototype remained intact and showed no trace.

But the glass impact test ingress in unexpectedly. The on-court staff, holding the iron ball in two rounds, smashed the front and back glass of Cybertruck into two big holes. So much so that in the post-launch session, the two big holes behind Musk were striking.

However, in the iron ball free-fall impact test, the Cybertruck glass was indeed much stronger than the average car glass. Musk himself said he didn’t know why the “big hole” rolled over, and they threw a wrench and a lot of things during lab testing. This does require improvement.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Starting at $39,000, up to 800 km

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Musk said mid-year that Cybertruck would be priced between $39,000 for the Tesla Model 3 and $79,000 for the Model S, making it an affordable product for consumers.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

In the end, Tesla set the Cybertruck starting price at between $39,000 and $69,000;

The rear drive single motor version costs $39,000, EPA has a 400 km, 100 km acceleration of 6.5 seconds;

The dual-motor version is priced at $49,000, EPA has a 480 km, 100 km acceleration of 4.5 seconds;

The highest three-motor full drive version, priced at $69,000, has an EPA range of 800 km and a 100 km acceleration of 2.9 seconds.

Musk has said that Cybertruck will punch the Porsche in terms of performance and kick the Ford Classic Pickup F-150. At the launch, the serious Musk showed Cybertruck’s horror performance in two separate videos: Cybertruck was able to surpass the Porsche 911, the classic luxury sports car model, in a launch-acceleration test that reflected the performance of the sport.

Then there’s the two-car tug-of-war, with Cybertruck winning the Ford pickup, dragging the latter backwards and the tires making a shrill noise. Musk said the car will have a traction of 300,000 pounds, which will be stronger than most pickups on the market.

Is Cybertruck qualified for trucking?

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

As a pickup truck, it’s time to do heavy work.

The Tesla Model X has reached industry-leading levels in terms of athletic ability as a medium- and large SUV. But for pickups, drag capability is even more important, which is further related to frame design and body length.

As a pickup truck, with a small yacht, motorhome, or a huge load when moving, these are all essential abilities for pickups.

At the same time, compared to a single car and urban SUV with a more single scene, the pickup truck faces a more diverse environment and use scene, so as a pickup truck, as a pickup truck, needs to be more robust and reliable in parts such as brakes, suspension, tires, etc.

At this point, the component complexity of electric vehicles is much lower than that of conventional fuel vehicles, which is of great benefit to reducing the failure rate of the car, which in principle eliminates the probability of partial maintenance and failure.

For a small number of American families, pickups are also chosen in part in pursuit of a free lifestyle, and they may be on a road trip on holiday to pull on their motorhome. They’re going to cross national parks and run across the desert, and that’s a new requirement for pickup’s off-road capabilities.

The electric car itself carries a huge battery, which just brings a unique selling point to the electric pickup.

Allows owners to use electric cars as a source of energy at any time without having to carry a huge mobile battery. Prior to this, many pickups had a small amount of interface output power, but generally low voltage, only to power small devices such as mobile phones.

Electric vehicles in this regard show an unparalleled advantage, in the need for electricity, electric vehicles can be like a walking energy storage battery, to a variety of commonly used equipment to provide electricity. Even in the event of an unexpected power outage, electric cars in the garage can power the house in reverse.

In Tesla’s usual way, it’s a general attack on Detroit.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Challenge the best-selling models in the U.S. market.

The rising Tesla is the biggest disrupter in the auto market in recent years, and in addition to carrying the electric flag early, Tesla’s models, from design to performance to market performance, have had a big impact on the same class of auto markets.

The earliest models were problematic, but the sci-fi feel of the look made them popular with tech industry practitioners; model X was lamented by many with its eagle-wing door design: it’s not like a car of this era.

Another example of strong power performance has allowed Tesla’s affordable models to be far more powered than their rivals, even competing with high-end sports cars known for their performance. In areas with mild climates and more full yelling facilities, electric cars are more well-equipped, and Tesla has gained its first followers with its superior product capabilities.

Then, as the cheapest model, the Model 3, went on sale, Tesla’s impact on the original auto market began to show, especially in the U.S. market, where it is based.

According to Statistics released by Cleantechnica, three of Tesla’s models made the top three in the U.S. electric car charts between January and October, selling about 153,000 units. The Model 3 3 alone sold more than 120,000 units, nearly nine times the number of Chevrolet Bolt electric cars in third place.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Figures . . . U.S. electric car sales data for January-October 2019 (Source: CleanTechnia)

Tesla has also made a big splash this year in the larger fuel-car sector. Compared with sales of small and medium-sized luxury models in the U.S., this segment was originally dominated by high-end brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, but in the third quarter of this year, the Tesla Model 3 handed over 43,000 vehicles, far more than the combined sales of several models in the market.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Figures . . . U.S. Sales data for small and medium-sized luxury models for the third quarter of 2019 (Source: CleanTechnia)

And Tesla’s deliveries are increasing with increased capacity, which is a sign that Tesla is on the rise.

Today Tesla has not been surprised to knock on the door of the pickup market.

For For Ford, GM and Fiat, the pickup sector has never had an electric model in the past, and this stable and relatively lucrative segment has in part become the last of several big car companies to stay. At a time when the global auto market is weak and demand for passenger cars is falling, the truck market has become a top priority in supporting their revenues and profits.

For Ford in particular, the pickup market has always been the most central battleground. Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, estimates that the Ford pickup business contributes 90 percent of the company’s global profits.

For the past 37 years, the Ford F-150 series has been the top-selling model in the United States. Data show that in the U.S. auto market in 2018, pickup trucks sold about 2.9 million units, or about 17% of all models. Ford, on the other hand, sold more than 900,000 units in the F-150 series alone. This figure is 1.7 times the number of second-ranked, and the advantage is obvious.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Figures . . . Ford F-150 (Source: Ford)

For the younger Tesla, the pickup has never been a stranger, but as with any market segment before, Tesla has continued its practice of hitting the pickup market with anti-traditional market methods and products.

Just as the Model S/X and Model 3 first appeared, Cybertruck continues to put a futuristic design on pickup models, more like a simple assassin than any “muscle car” in the current pickup market.

What other trucks can do, cybertruck, can do it, and the intelligent configuration and driver-assisted system in the car are used on Cybertruck.

As Musk says, it’s hoped the car will be more practical than the Ford F-150 pickup in terms of performance compared to the Porsche. Whether Tesla will be able to recreate the myth in the new market is still unknown, but no one will see it as a ridiculous rival.

Both Ford and GM, the market’s long-time “masters,” have announced plans for the launch of electric pickups. Ford plans to invest $11.5 billion in electric vehicle development by 2022, including 16 all-electric vehicles.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Figures . . . Rivian R1T (Source: Rivian)

In addition, the electric pickup car start-up Rivian, which has previously taken on big financing from giants such as Amazon and Ford, has released the Rivian R1T, a pure-electric pickup model, which plans to start selling by the end of 2020.

A wave of electricization will finally open in the pickup market, which will become another battleground between electric and fuel vehicles.

America’s pickup culture

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

The lack of comfort pickup truck in China has been difficult to get rid of the image of the tool car, and has never been the mainstream choice of the Chinese market.

But in the U.S. market, consumers’ decades-old love of the model has made pickup a part of American culture.

About 100 years ago, Ford introduced the World-Changing Model T, leading global carmakers toward assembly line production and laying the foundation for more new processes. Shortly after that, the T-type pickup was available.

In the mid-20th century, the United States developed into a large mechanical agricultural country, and for a large number of farmers, the leather is reliable, with both manned and cargo-carrying pickups becoming an ideal tool for them. The size of the model and the abundance of interior space have always been a typical preference for U.S. car owners.

But for American consumers, pickups aren’t just for work. With versatility and practicality is the outstanding characteristics of the pickup truck, daily commute, cross-city long-distance can be, holiday can also pull the RV, yacht to play in the mountains. These more comfortable demands have also given birth to the ford F-150’s high-end pickup models, which also have a place in the luxury car market.

In the end, the two-life pickup model struck up and down the culture became a symbol of freedom and was popular.

In addition, compared with Europe, China, the United States in policy for large-capacity cars obviously have a higher degree of acceptance.

On Chinese roads, pickup trucks are often restricted by the same level of road, with some models requiring a reflector, some cities restricting pickup spass and more stringent speed limits than regular passenger cars.

Under the influence of a variety of factors, the sales of pickups in the two countries are very different.

Data show that China’s car sales in 2018 will be about 28.1 million vehicles, with pickup trucks accounting for only 1.6% and about 452,000 vehicles. In the U.S., u.S. auto sales in 2018 were 17.33 million vehicles, with pickup trucks selling about 2.9 million units, or about 17%.

The launch of the $39,000 Tesla electric pickup, what is Musk challenging again?

Figures . . . The top three top-selling models in the U.S. in 2018 are pickups (Source: marklines)

Meanwhile, the top three models in the 2018 U.S. auto sales rankings are all pickup models, with the top-ranked Ford F-Series, of course, and the Dodge RAM pickup and the Chevrolet Sorrod Series in 2 and 3, all from U.S.-style automakers. It can be seen that the American pickup culture has also contributed to this car category in the U.S. auto motive industry occupies a unique position.

Expanding its horizons to the world, Tesla continues to lead the electric car market so far this year, and plans for super-factory construction are advancing rapidly, with tesla superfactors in Shanghai already operating and Superplants in Europe selected locations to start construction. Coupled with the release of Cybertruck, Tesla has expanded its footprint step by step.

We may be hoping that in the near future, Tesla will take off its “black horse” coat and turn around to become a giant.

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