Remedy is creating a one-man plot for Crossfire

Remedy, a well-known game developer, is creating a one-man plot for Crossfire. Crossfire is a popular FPS online game similar to Counter-Strike, developed by Korean game studio Smilegate Entertainment and operated by Tencent in China, which is very popular in Asia, especially in China and South Korea, with more than 650 million players worldwide, making it the most popular game today.

Remedy is creating a one-man plot for Crossing the Line of Fire.

Crossfire will release the Xbox One version of CrossFire X next year and will include a one-man plot produced by Remedy. Remedy is best known for his game Max Payne, whose most recent work includes Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control, one of this year’s most acclaimed games. In an interview, Jin Woo Jung of SmileGate said he was a fan of Max Payne, so finding out who would develop a one-man plot for the Western version of Crossfire was his first choice.

Remedy is creating a one-man plot for Crossing the Line of Fire.

Remedy’s Tuukka Taipalvesi admits Crossfire wasn’t in his sights at first because the game wasn’t so popular in Europe. It wasn’t until Smilegate contacted them that i got a deeper look at it. Remedy has not made FPS games before, and this is the first time he has dabbled in this type. Taipalvesi did not say whether the single-person plot contained Remedy’s signature “bullet time,” saying the one-man plot had been developed since 2016.

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