Apple Care Plus Relaxed Conditions: valid within 1 Year after purchase

Apple Care Plus is Apple’s official after-sales service program that offers unexpected coverage for two to three years. However, AC Plus has more stringent purchase conditions, that is, within 60 days of starting. The latest news is that Apple is beginning to liberalize the purchase of AC-plus for some users in some areas (the U.S. and Canada), from a 60-day maximum to a year.

Apple Care Plus Relaxed Conditions: Buy a Machine within 1 Year

Unlike the current 60-day iPhone can be purchased directly (remote detection), time-out users need to make an appointment for a genius service, to the store to do a comprehensive “check-up” of the phone before you can obtain eligibility.

In addition, the current extended purchase only for the iPhone, the future may be extended to Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and other devices.

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