First A77 phone vivo X30 exposure: support for 60x zoom

The mystery of the vivo X30 series has been unveiled. November 22 news, in Zhejiang Satellite TV launched “Chase Me”, the vivo X30 new machine was exposed. The show features some of the details of the X30, including 5G SOC, 5G dual mode, AI chip and more. Careful netizens found that the X30 also supports 60x zoom.

First A77-plus telescope vivo X30 exposure: support for 60x zoom Sell 3798?

In “Chase Me,” a guest uses the vivo X30 to shoot the password on the 37th floor, suggesting that the vivo X30 has a very powerful zoom capability. Although the core parameters of the X30 have not been officially disclosed, the Vivo X30 can be determined to support 60x zoom, with 64m four-cameras behind it, in relation to previous exposures.

First A77-plus telescope vivo X30 exposure: support for 60x zoom Sell 3798?

Not only that, but the Vivo X30 also debuted the Exynos 980 chip, a dual-mode 5G AI chip developed jointly by Samsung and Vivo. As the industry’s first dual-mode 5G SoC product, exynos 980 supports both THE NSA and SA networking models.

In addition, the Exynos 980 debuted the Cortex A77 architecture, the first mobile phone chip to be released and commercially available for a commercial A77 architecture, with a powerful performance with the Mali-G76 GPU.

Officials stressed that vivo had been laid out 5G earlier. Data show that in the third quarter of 2019, China’s 5G mobile phone market share of manufacturers, vivo accounted for more than 50%. This marks the maturity of 5G applications and the user’s desire for 5G terminals, and on the other hand, the stability and reliability of vivo 5G terminals has won the market.

Finally, we are concerned about the price, the news that the vivo X30 starts at 3798RMB, the authenticity of the news to be confirmed at the press conference, we will wait and see in December.

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