What Does Gates Want to Read in China: The Three-Body Problem and AI Books in the Column

Microsoft founder and gates foundation co-founder Bill Gates is in China to participate in tuberculosis prevention and control and other related activities, he told Chinese media this morning in a round-table interview, he is eager to read the “The Three-Body Problem” series. “I’ve always wanted to read The Three-Body Problem, and a lot of people and I recommendited it, and I might start reading it on a plane back to the United States, ” Gates said.

He also mentions a new book on how to make better use of artificial intelligence, “Rebooting AI”, “AI technology brings a lot of benefits, but there are drawbacks, and it’s a lot of thought,” he said.

What Does Gates Want to Read in China: Three Bodies and AI Books in the Column

Gates recently returned to the throne of the world’s richest man, he retired from Microsoft in 2008, has been committed to global health and other charities. As a famous bookworm, he also shares his favorite books of the year with the world twice a year.

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