Japan overtakes U.S. as Huawei’s largest source of parts

Japan overtook the United States as Huawei’s largest source of parts, The Nikkei reported. Huawei is actively seeking to work with Japanese companies against the backdrop of U.S. sanctions that prohibit deals with U.S. companies. Huawei’s purchases of parts from Japan in 2018 amounted to 721 billion yen, and purchases in 2019 were further expanded, with the company expected to pass the 1 trillion yen mark, said Liang Hua, Huawei’s chairman.

Japan overtakes U.S. as Huawei's largest source of parts

Huawei’s purchases from the U.S. were the largest in the world in 2018 with $11 billion, but are on the decline, and Japan is set to become Huawei’s largest source of parts in 2019. Mr Leung said he would continue to produce key products even without the parts supply of US companies, but would be willing to continue working with US companies if approved.

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