The “diablo4” villain character leaked

After a magazine cover suggested that Dark 4 was about to be officially announced at this year’s Blizzard Carnival, the actual page of an art book has revealed the villain of diablo4: Lilith. The page doesnot specify Lilith’s role in diablo4, but mentions it as Lilith’s debut in diablo4. The book also reveals a conceptual original of Lilith, with its wide wings and high horns, as well as the queen style.

传《暗黑4》反派角色泄露 十足的女王范

The previous diablo game has also been mentioned for Lilith, but only a little, but according to blizzard-released books, Lilith plays a very important role in the diablo Universe.

According to the Art Book page, Lilith is the mother of the shelter, and her profile mentions her horror return – “The mother of the shelter is going to be back with her children, it’s going to be a great and terrible day for them,” suggesting that Lilith could be in  diablo4 a big villain.

Interestingly, Blizzard also added the diablo4 hashtag ,#Diablo4 to instagram to promote the same art book, so diablo4 was essentially nailed to the board at the Blizzard Carnival announcement.

传《暗黑4》反派角色泄露 十足的女王范

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