China’s memory chips make historic breakthrough, accounting for 5% of the world next year

Of the more than $300 billion in chip products China imported last year, memory chips account for about a third,  $100 billion worth of memory and flash memory chips with a domestic share almost 0. But this year the domestic memory and flash memory has achieved a breakthrough , is expected to account for 5% of the global memory chip market by 2020.

Domestic memory chips this year, two camps entered into the production phase, in which Ziguang Group-controlled Changjiang Storage in September this year mass produced 64-layer stack of 3D flash memory, using the self-developed Xtacking architecture, the core capacity of 256Gb.

At this stage, Changjiang Storage is accelerating production capacity, is expected to quadruple the full month production capacity to 60,000 pieces by the end of next year, this capacity is no longer small, accounting for 5% of the global flash memory market capacity, a year there is such progress, can be said to be  speedy.

In terms of dynamic memory, this year’s mass production is mainly Hefei Changxin, a total investment of 150 billion yuan Hefei Changxin memory chip independent manufacturing project is also put into production at the end of September, will produce the first generation of domestic 10nm class 8Gb DDR4 memory.

Hefei Changxin is also working to expand production capacity, which is expected to reach 40,000 wafers per month by the end of 2020, three times more than it is now, and about 3% of the world’s memory capacity.

The global share of flash memory 5%, memory 3% does not sound much, and Samsung, Micron, Toshiba,SK Hynix and other companies can not be compared, but don’t forget that the global memory flash market is highly monopolized, these companies accounted for more than 90% of the global share, China can break through 3%-5%, Already the world’s fourth-largest storage chip camp after the U.S., Japan and South Korea, a year or two from scratch, this speed is enough for industry manufacturers to surprise.

China's memory chips make historic breakthrough, accounting for 5% of the world next year

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