New patent shows PS5 will be very focused on user-produced content

Under the recently disclosed patent, the PS5 host will refocus on user-generated content and enhance social features. Sony Interactive Entertainment recently filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its exposure online, and the new patent details a new system called “Scene Mark” that “describes user-generated content related to game information and video games” that is expected to be applied to the PS5.

New patent shows PS5 will be very focused on user-produced content

“A way to implement and use scene tagging, including generating user content related to video games that includes a record of events that occurred in a video game played on a user computing device. Describes the details of the recorded event, including where the recorded event occurred in the video game. Assign metadata to the generated user content, which automatically generates the assigned metadata and describes the characteristics of the record event for the generated user content. Store the generated user content and assigned metadata in the database.

Receive requests from users to view the generated user content stored in the database, which includes terms corresponding to the assigned metadata. Displays the generated user content for the user to view on their user computing device, which displays events that include re-creating records so that users can participate in the same events on the user compute device. ”

The scene tagging system sounds interesting, providing players with a new way to connect with any community focused on a particular game.

The PS5 console will go on sale over Christmas next year.

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