Moon Jae-in: Semiconductors are the backbone of South Korea’s manufacturing industry, no one can shake

22, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said no one can shake South Korea’s position in the semiconductor field. According to Yonhap reported on the 22nd, Wen in the morning in ┬áChungcheongnam-do to attend the silicon wafer manufacturer MEMC Korea’s second plant completion ceremony. MEMC Korea is a wholly owned company of Global Wafers in Taiwan and a key semiconductor material for silicon wafers.

Wen: Semiconductors are the backbone of South Korea's manufacturing industry, no one can shake

During the ceremony, Moon Jae-in said South Korean companies and governments have stepped up efforts to expand domestic production and find alternative exporters in the past four months, striving to ensure a stable supply of key components, new materials and technical equipment.

Moon Jae-in stressed that the semiconductor industry is the backbone of South Korea’s manufacturing industry, South Korea will be in the future to become a memory and systems semiconductor power, semiconductor components, materials, equipment enterprises become the world’s largest demand market. “With the competitiveness of the Korean semiconductor industry, no one can shake the position of the manufacturing power, the Republic of Korea, if there is a stable supply of components, materials and equipment.” Wen said in his speech.

Moon Jae-in also pointed out that he and all the people congratulated the completion of the factory, the significance of the event has gone beyond the ordinary completion ceremony.

Yonhap analysis said that in the “South Korea-Japan Military Intelligence Protection Agreement” 14 hours before the end of the Moon Jae-in in the production of Japan’s control of key materials for export, but also in the factory of foreign-owned enterprises, demonstrated the determination to overcome the disadvantage of Japan, in fact, Moon Jae-in’s action is to declare the end of the Korea-Japan military situation agreement.

According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on the 22nd, the South Korean government issued a notice, said “for official reasons”, the cancellation of the South Korean Maritime Police Agency and japan’s coast guard scheduled to start on the 27th joint exercise. Russia’s satellite news agency said the south Korea-Japan joint naval exercises were held almost annually.

The Japanese government began imposing export restrictions on South Korea in July, removing the country from the “white list” in early August on security grounds, effective August 28 tha. In response, South Korea decided on August 12 to exclude Japan from the “white list” of South Korean trade, and on August 22 announced that it would not renew the Military Intelligence Protection Agreement with Japan, which will expire on November 23.

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