Trump asks Apple to help U.S. develop 5G? analysis: Extremely impossible

On November 21, CNN reported that after visiting a factory in Texas that makes Apple products, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that during the visit he asked Apple CEO (CEO) Cook if he was considering apple development 5G network infrastructure in the United States. They have all the resources they need, including money, technology, insight, and Cook. “The tweets have also caused a lot of controversy.

Trump asks Apple to help U.S. develop 5G? analysis: Extremely impossible

The addition of 5G to 5G would represent a major shift in Apple’s business strategy, CNN said in a commentary. One of the steps Apple could take to push wireless carriers to speed up 5G launches is to launch 5G-enabled products, which Apple has yet to do, although many analysts believe it is likely to release 5G next year.

Ian Campbell, chief executive of Nucleus Research, a research firm, said joining 5G networkconstruction would be an important step for Apple and highly unlikely. Apple is a consumer-oriented company.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

CNN reported that many U.S. lawmakers, including President Donald Trump, believe that having a national 5G network in the U.S. before China is key to national security, even though China is currently leading the race.

In addition, Mr. Trump said of his visit, “Opening a major Apple manufacturing plant in Texas will bring high-paying jobs to the United States.” “

Trump asks Apple to help U.S. develop 5G? analysis: Extremely impossible

In fact, the factory that Mr. Trump and Mr. Cook visited, run by Flex, a Us-owned technology maker, to assemble the $6,000 Mac Pro, Apple’s high-end computer. The Mac Pro’s previous models have been in production at the plant since 2013. Instead of owning or operating its own manufacturing facility, Apple has contracts with companies like Flex.

In addition, Apple announced that the company’s planned Austin campus, just a mile from the plant trump visits, could hold up to 15,000 employees and is not expected to open until 2022.

CNN reported that Cook has been trying to build a relationship with Trump in recent years, which is more important than ever, because new tariffs on iPhones and other consumer technology products could threaten Apple’s bottom line.

During a visit to a manufacturing plant, Mr. Trump said that when you build a plant in the United States, you don’t need to think about tariffs. Asked if he would waive the 15 percent tariff on Apple’s september 1 at Apple’s request, he responded that he was considering exempting Apple from imposing tariffs on products imported from China. “We’re looking at this, and Samsung, as apple’s competitor, is unfair to Apple because it doesn’t have to pay Chinese import taxes, so it’s not fair for Apple to tax iPhones made in China.” “

“I said one day that I’m going to see Apple build factories in our country, not In China, and that’s what’s happening, it’s happening, it’s the American dream,” Trump said. “

Bloomberg commented that this was not happening, and that Apple still assembles most of its devices outside the U.S. and relies heavily on Chinese manufacturing partners.

In addition, when asked by ABC News in an interview with ABC News on the day of Apple’s breakthrough in Austin, Cook said he thought the iPhone was made around the world and that “the iPhone’s touchscreen is made in Kentucky.” If you take the iPhone apart, you’ll see a lot of components made in the U.S. Cook added. The iPhone is a product of the global supply chain. “

Apple’s relationship with China has been censored by some U.S. lawmakers, but Mr. Cook isn’t worried. Asked if Apple would go beyond some of the bottom lines if China put pressure on Apple, Cook said, “China really didn’t put pressure on us, so I didn’t think about that.” “

Mr Cook said China had never asked Apple to unlock the iPhone, but the US had, “We are firmly opposed and say we can’t do it.” He added, “Our commitment to privacy is a global commitment. “

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