Microsoft almost removes Cortana icon from Windows 10 taskbar

We already know that Microsoft wants to make cortana, its digital assistant, a productivity partner, and the company’s recent lycins of improvements confirm that it is willing to move forward. In the Microsoft 365 application, Cortana is evolving from a typical digital assistant to a personal productivity assistant, and the new concept requires a series of changes, including the removal of the Cortana icon from the taskbar, Microsoft said.

The Windows Insider team announced this week: “To give you a better Cortana experience and make your workflow smoother, we’ve removed cortana icons and pins from the taskbar, so you can now move or resize Cortana just like any other app.” In addition, Cortana for Windows Beta now improves skills for email, calendar, and Windows. Users can use Digital Assistant to open the application and adjust the window settings and change the brightness. In addition, it can create and query meetings and e-mail messages.

In addition, Microsoft has removed Cortana’s support for Associated Accounts, so no matter which account the user signs in with, the user’s work and personal accounts are two separate experiences. If a user signs in with a Microsoft account, the user’s personal information will be interacted. Cortana will use a work or school account if the user signs in.

For now, these improvements apply only to devices configured with U.S. English, but Microsoft has promised that the changes will soon be available to other languages and regions. However, a recent announcement suggests that Cortana will have more changes in the mobile space, with Microsoft removing digital assistant apps from Android and iOS from most markets except the U.S.

Microsoft almost removes Cortana icon from Windows 10 taskbar

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