How important is happiness in the workplace? 13% more productive

A study by Oxford’s Saeed School of Business in collaboration with BT, the UK’s multinational telecoms company, found a decisive link between happiness and productivity, foreign media reported. A wide-ranging study found that workers’ productivity increased by 13% when they were happy.

The study was conducted over a six-month period by Jan-Emmanuel De Neve of Oxford University’s Side School of Business, George Ward of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Erasmus Clement University in Rotterdam over a six-month period Clement Bellet.

“We found that when employees are happier, they work faster, make more calls every hour and, more importantly, do more sales tasks,” says Professor de Neve. ”

The researchers note that while the link between happiness and productivity is often discussed, their study provides the first evidence of the cause and effect of this relationship.


A recent study of British sentiment found that paid work came in at the bottom of the list for activities that make people happy.

In the study, BT employees were asked to use a simple email survey of their happiness for six months each week, which included five expression buttons that represented a state of happiness ranging from very sad to very happy.

The researchers tracked employee attendance, sales phone conversion rates, and customer satisfaction data, as well as employee scheduled hours and breaks. Organize this information with management data from the company on employee characteristics, work schedules, and productivity.

The study also took into account local weather conditions and revealed a clear negative relationship between bad weather conditions and workers’ well-being.

The researchers found that happy employees did not work longer than disgruntled colleagues, and were only more productive during work hours.

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