Industry insider: iPhone 11 sold nearly 130,000 units on first day of the Korean market

Apple’s new iPhone sold about 130,000 copies on its first day of trading in South Korea, industry sources said Saturday, according to South Korean media. Apple is understood to have launched the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in South Korea on Friday.

业内人士:iPhone 11机型在韩上市首日卖出近13万部

Industry insiders point out that this estimate is 30 percent higher than the previous iPhones — the iPhone XS, Max and XR — that came out in November 2018. However, sales were far lower than Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 10, which sold 220,000 Galaxy Note 10s on its first day of release in August.

Industry insiders say it is clear that the positive reaction of the U.S. and Japanese markets to the new iPhone has impressed local consumers in South Korea.

It is reported that the iPhone 11 models in South Korea prices range from 990,000 won to 2.03 million South Koreans.

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