Ikea teamed up with virtual network celebrity Imma to explore ‘Happy At Home’ during the outbreak

Over the weekend, IKEA unveiled a unique piece at its Harajuku store in Tokyo: a decorative piece featuring a virtual character,media reported. To explore the concept of “happiness at home,” the retail giant teamed up with imma, a virtual web celebrity. For three days, those passing by from the first floor could see Imma’s living room, watching her lazily lying on the sofa, absent-mindedly browsing her mobile phone. Meanwhile, her bedroom can be seen on a screen on the second floor, which can be seen from Harajuku Station.

Ikea teamed up with virtual network celebrity Imma to explore 'Happy At Home' during the outbreak

Of course, these are not real living spaces, because Imma is just a CG model and not a real person. But Ikea says it uses LED screens in physical rooms, which Imma “planned” to make it look like it’s in a real place.

It’s clear that Imma is part of the growing trend of virtual network celebrities: these characters are essentially CG characters that are active in different ways on social media. One of the most famous is Miquela, who has gone from being an online celebrity on Instagram to a estlust pop singer – and even posted a new video at the Cocella Music Festival. Meanwhile, Imma, run by a talent agency that serves “virtual people,” is active on Instagram and TikTok.