Industry Group: E-cigarette ban could cost 150,000 U.S. jobs and $8.4 billion

A u.S. ban on flavoring e-cigarettes could result in more than 150,000 job losses and $8.4 billion in direct sales, according to a report released Friday by a Trade Group for the e-cigarette industry. Two months ago, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration announced a comprehensive plan to ban the sale of all e-cigarettes on the market except tobacco, but no final decision has been made.

Industry Group: E-cigarette ban could cost 150,000 U.S. jobs $8.4 billion

Mr. Trump will meet Friday with a group of groups, including industry representatives, to discuss tightening e-cigarette regulations.

Proponents of the ban point to a sharp increase in the number of teenagers who use e-cigarettes, who are attracted to sweet and fruity e-cigarettes, while e-cigarette-related diseases are also on the rise.

More than 27.5 percent of U.S. high school students use e-cigarettes, up from 20.7 percent in 2018, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

E-cigarette companies, however, oppose the ban, saying their products are not suitable for children, which could affect the number of jobs created by the industry.

If the ban on flavoring e-cigarettes is passed, most of the 13,480 independent e-cigarette stores in the United States will have to close, according to a report for the Vapor Technology Association, a report for the E-cigarette technology association.

Nearly 92 percent of e-cigarettes in the independent distribution chain are non-tobacco, and the ban could cost $22.4 billion in economic activity, the report said.

VTA has more than 1,000 members, including e-cigarette manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

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