Tim Cook: I’m going to fight for DACA until the last moment of my life

Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an interview to ABC News after President Trump visited his company’s Texas plant,media reported. Now, ABC News has shared more details of the interview. According to the media, Cook said he was focused on policy rather than politics, and on DACA, which he and Apple have been advocating for.

Tim Cook: I'm going to fight for DACA until the last moment of my life

“No matter who’s in the White House, I’m focused on the same thing. My concern is DACA. We have 450 employees at Apple, and they’re hired under DACA. I want those people to be protected. Not only are these 450 people, there are many more DACA Americans. “

Last October, Cook signed a “amicus curiae” brief urging the Supreme Court to uphold DACA and protect American dreamers. Cook said in the interview that he would continue to oppose the Trump administration’s repeal of DACA, “and I will fight on this for the last time in my life.”

In addition, Cook also addressed privacy issues in the interview and reiterated what he had said many times before. Cook points out that Apple doesn’t want to know the personal details of a user’s life, nor does it want to suck up all their data.

Cook went on to say that he was “very concerned” that in a world where “nothing is private”, freedom of speech would disappear.

And when it comes to splitting up technology companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, Mr Cook said he thinks people are paying too much attention to fines and break-ups, rather than how technology companies collect and use data without telling customers and getting permission.

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