Apple’s fall 2020 launch is rumoured to be a summary or will be launched in batches in September.

Apple is rumoured to be launching four new iPhone 12 series this fall, covering 5.4/ 6.1 / 6.7 inches in size, and will replicat the launch schedule since the iPhone X came out in November 2017. The entry-level 5.4/6.1-inch new machine is expected to be the first to ship, while the two high-end Pro models are slightly delayed. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu have shared some details about Apple’s release plans, confirming many of the rumors.

Apple's fall 2020 launch is rumoured to be a summary or will be launched in batches in September.

(Picture via MacRumors)

By design, the new 2020 iPhone will feature a square edge similar to the iPad Pro, and the Pro model will have a dark blue color scheme option (instead of Midnight Green). In addition, the standard version will follow the aluminum body, but the Pro model will be made of stainless steel.

For photos, at least the Pro Max model will have a LiDAR scanner on the 2020 iPad Pro. Bloomberg quoted Apple employees as saying the new 6.7-inch iPhone will be one of the most significant improvements of the year.

Reports that Apple is preparing to produce 75 million 5G iPhones have been limited by the current popularity of the 5G network, and some testers have found it “not significantly faster to connect.”

But even as the public health crisis continues, Apple has not cut demand for new machines. The iPhone 12 Series is expected to ship 80 million units by 2020.

As for other products this fall, Apple is rumoured to be developing a new iPad Air tablet with an ultra-narrow border similar to the iPad Pro.

Although Bloomberg didn’t mention it, there had been earlier rumors that the 10.8-inch device would feature an off-screen Touch ID solution or a two-in-one power key.

Of course, the Apple Watch smartwatch won’t be absent, and Apple is said to be rolling out alternatives to the Series 6 and Series 3( divided into two price ranges), but it’s unclear whether it will support blood-oxygen monitoring.

For audio products, the legendary AirPods Studio headphones and the compact, affordable HomePod new machines are coming together.

As for the AirTags smart tag, it appears to have been in the “under development” phase, and the exact release schedule is not known at this time.

Finally, an upgraded remote control with a faster processor, apple TV and support for lookups, is expected by Bloomberg to be available by 2021.

Jon Prosser added that he expects new iPad and Apple Watch products to be available next week.

In addition, Japanese technology blog Mac Otakara said today that Apple will launch new iPhones, AirTags and Apple Watch products in October.