Intel launches OneAPI in data parallel C++ programming language

Intel introduced the OneAPI programming model at the Supercomputing 2019 event. It is understood that the OneAPI program is Intel’s unified programming approach that simplifies application development across different computing architectures. It will help to program CPUs and accelerators using modern C++ features that express parallelism through a new programming language called Parallel Data C++.

The overview of the programming language of data parallel C++ ( DPC++ ) is that DPC++ is a programming language that allows developers to encode CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other hardware accelerators using a source code document. It is an open, cross-industry programming language (based on the c++ concept and SYCL) and is touted as “an alternative to a single architecture proprietary language”.

Intel launches OneAPI in data parallel C- programming language

The goal here is to simplify programming and allow code to be reused across hardware targets, while allowing adjustments to specific accelerators.

Intel launches OneAPI in data parallel C- programming language

Intel OneAPI Beta supports two programming styles: direct programming and API programming. Among them, DPC++ is in the field of direct programming.

It is worth noting that these two programming styles will provide an effective unified development model that facilitates complete native code performance across various heterogeneous processing hardware.

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Intel Launches OneAPI With Data Parallel C++ Programming Language

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