Court’s latest ruling: Apple’s $503 million payment to VirnetX overturned

A U.S. appeals court has upheld two rulings by Apple that infringed VirnetX patents, but overturned two others,media reported. The nearly decade-old legal case is understood to have to be returned to a Texas judge who will consider holding a further hearing.

Court's latest ruling: Apple's $503 million payment to VirnetX overturned

A Texas jury’s previous ruling that Apple must pay VirnetX Holdings Corp $503 million has been overturned by a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. But the court found that Apple infringed Two patents on VirnetX’s secure telecommunications technology, including FaceTime for the iPhone.

The decision means the court has now referred the case to a Texas judge, who will begin a further hearing.

It is understood the judge may recalculate the amount Apple paid VirnetX. But he/she can also make a new trial. That would mean that the lawsuit, first filed in Tyler District Court in the Eastern District of Texas in 2010, will return there.

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