Mr. Trump said TikTok had until the 15th to reach a deal and that the Treasury would have to be compensated.

“Trump still wants the U.S. to get a piece of TikTok’s business.” Agence France-Presse local time on September 1 with this title reported that the U.S. President once again reiterated the day of its TikTok sale in the U.S. business gave a deadline, that TikTok needs to reach an agreement with the acquirer by September 15, or will close the TikTok business in the United States. He also stressed that the U.S. Treasury should be compensated for the deal.

“I told them they needed to reach an agreement by September 15th, (otherwise) after that we would close TikTok(business), and I said the U.S. needs compensation, adequate compensation, because we brokered the deal, so we deserve compensation, and the U.S. Treasury department should be compensated,” Trump told reporters, according to AFP. Bloomberg said Mr. Trump made the remarks to reporters before boarding Air Force One for Wisconsin.

Mr. Trump said TikTok had until the 15th to reach a deal and that the Treasury would have to be compensated.

Critics blasted “Trump’s demand for a share of the deal” as unconstitutional, similar to extortion, AFP said.

This is not the first time Mr. Trump has issued a similar threat. On August 3rd Mr Trump said TikTok would close its US operations by September 15 unless an agreement was reached to sell them. “I don’t mind whether Microsoft or other secure U.S. companies buy TikTok,” Trump told reporters at the White House the same day. Unless Microsoft or another company can buy TikTok and strike a deal, TikTok will be forced to close its U.S. operations on September 15. Mr. Trump also said that as part of the deal, “a lot of money” should be paid to the federal government.

In August, Mr. Trump issued executive orders barring U.S. businesses and individuals from trading with TikTok and allowing ByteDance to sell TikTok’s U.S. operations within 90 days. Since then, there has been widespread concern about which company could successfully acquire TikTok-related businesses. The Microsoft-Wal-Mart alliance and Oracle remain the two most likely buyers, according to US media reports, with TikTok’s U.S. acquisition likely to cost between $20 billion and $30 billion, according to U.S. media.