Microsoft Edge has added a useful “web capture” feature.

Chromium-based Edge browsers are already available for everyday use, but some features are still missing, one of which is the screenshot feature. The new Edge browser does not support web screenshots without the help of Windows 10’s built-in screenshot tool.

Microsoft Edge actually has a screenshot command built in, but you need to call developer tools, but there’s no flexible, effective, and simple solution to intercept the website you’re visiting. Microsoft appears to be developing a new feature called “Web Capture” that will allow you to make full or cropped screenshots of web pages that you can copy to the clipboard or preview.

Web Capture’s preview screen lets you save or share images, and Microsoft enables comments to doodle on screenshots and share them with your friends. To enter the new screenshot tool, you need to open the menu and click on the “Web Capture” option. When you enter the Web Capture screen, you can create a window to capture part of the screen and experience a clip-on UI similar to windows 10 built in.