The FB said it purged more than a dozen fake Accounts and pages linked to Russia last month.

On Tuesday, Local Time, Facebook said it had deleted more than a dozen fake accounts and pages that it believed were related to a Russian internet agency called the Internet Research Agency (IRA),media reported. The network has been running on Facebook for about three months, after which the social media giant deleted the fake accounts after receiving information from the FBI, suggesting that the tech company and its partners are finding Russian sprays online more quickly.

The FB said it purged more than a dozen fake Accounts and pages linked to Russia last month.

Facebook is understood to have deleted 13 accounts and two pages linked to Kremlin-backed IRAs that misled other users about their true identities and purposes. The network is concentrated in the United States, Britain, Algeria, Egypt and other English-speaking countries. About 5 percent of English-language content targets the United States, which publishes news about U.S. President Donald Trump, far-right conspiracy theories QAnon and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ campaign to defeat Trump. Facebook says some of its accounts use fake profile photos and impersonate news editors and trick freelance writers into writing reports for their sites. About 14,000 accounts follow one of the pages.

The Facebook page of FaceData, a self-described “global news organization,” is no ready on the social network. It is reported that more than 200 people followed this page. Twitter also said on Tuesday that it had suspended five accounts linked to PaceData and that the agency’s LinkedIn accounts were no longer available. Still, the PeaceData website is running, highlighting the challenges of cyber warfare that relies on multiple Internet platforms. In response, Both Twitter and Facebook said they were blocking links to the FaceData website. According to Graphika, PeaceData published more than 500 Articles in English and 200 articles in Arabic between February and August.

“It portrays the United States as a country that peddles war abroad, that illegal countries are simultaneously ravaged at home by racism, a new virus, and brutal capitalism,” Graphika said in a report released Tuesday. “

Russia’s IRA is known for using fake social media accounts to provoke among Americans in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. But the news about The Russian squirt network didn’t surface until after the U.S. election, raising concerns about whether Facebook did enough to protect the U.S. election. In March, Facebook and Twitter both said they had shut down a network of fake Russian-linked accounts created in Ghana in 2019.

The network, which Facebook removed in August, is still in its early stages before the FBI made the Russian-linked accounts available to the social network.

In response, Nathaniel Gleicher, who is in charge of Facebook’s cyber security policy, said at a news conference: “These sprays are in a dilemma. They can run a huge, noisy network, but they can be caught quickly, or they can try very hard to hide themselves but still get caught and don’t get much attention. “

Graphika said the IRA used fake ad heads from artificial intelligence, the first time they had seen these Russian spouts use such a strategy. The network appears to be targeting activists and left-wing users.

Facebook also said Tuesday that it has deleted more than 450 fake accounts targeting Pakistan and India, more than 130 Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages linked to a U.S. communications company that serves Venezuela, Mexico and Bolivia.