Microsoft introduced the DirectStorage API to Windows PCs.

As early as March this year, Microsoft released a new architecture for the Xbox platform, Velocity Architecture. It consists of four components, namely a customized NVMe SSD, a dedicated hardware decompression module, a new DirectStorage pass-through storage API, and an SFS sampler feedback stream. By working together with these components, developers can enjoy further improvements in resources such as available memory.

Microsoft introduced the DirectStorage API to Windows PCs.

(From: Microsoft)

The good news is that Microsoft announced today that it will introduce the DirectStorage API to Windows PCs. This allows us to experience the same level of next-generation IO technology on PC and host platforms.

Like Xbox Series X next-generation consoles, DirectStorage support will significantly reduce game load wait times, and the new API will allow game makers to create more detailed and richer content than ever before.

Microsoft plans to bring a preview of the DirectStorage API to game developers next year, and is currently working with partners to design the API and build related support components.