Lucasfilm shares a portrait of star wars master Yoda at the age of 700.

Lucasfilm has just shared a “young” portrait of Master Yoda, one of the main Star Wars characters, at the age of 700. After all, at the time of his death in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, he was 900 years old (and trained jedi warriors for 800 years). It is reported that in the “Star Wars: The Peak Republic” comic series, its main professor disciples travel between the various galaxies.

Lucasfilm shares a portrait of star wars master Yoda at the age of 700.

(Pictured: Lucasfilm)

Previously, “Baby Yoda”, 50, appeared in Disney’s “Mandalor” series, which has also caused a lot of loveliness.

Media reported that “Star Wars: The Peak Republic” will be released in the form of comics, children’s books and teen novels. In addition, the 700-year-old Yoda Master will appear in Daniel Jos? Older’s “Star Wars: Adventures of the Republic” comic book series, which will be released in January 2021.

Daniel Jos? Older said Tuesday that Master Yoda of the Peak Republic was a Galactic Traveler who was 700 years old and a key member of the Jedi Council. In his new work, he will teach a group of young disciples to travel through the galaxy.

Lucasfilm said the image should not only remain true to the shape of the original trilogy, but also “keep pace with the times” to update its costumes and face. Art director Troy Alders added:

“Given that the plot is hundreds of years apart, he’s sure to have another, if not more, new outfit. Hair and face may be slightly younger, but they are close to what they looked like in Pre-Star Wars: The Ghost Threat.