Japan’s Microsoft announced the exhibition “Tokyo Play Show” summary, there is no new generation of host plans.

The annual game event “Tokyo Video Game Show 2020 OL” will be held online from September 23 to 27, 2020, Microsoft (Japan) also announced the participation of the “Tokyo Video Game Show” content, but the schedule does not have the most attention of the new generation of host exhibiting projects. Tokyo Video Game Show is a large-scale game exhibition organized by CESA, Japan’s largest gaming industry organization, with a large number of world game-related companies participating each year.

Although this year due to the outbreak changed to online, is still the gamers and the industry’s unique event, the theme of the event is “the future, the first by the game to open!” “

Tokyo Video Game Show 2020 OL as of September 1, a total of 402 enterprises and groups confirmed to participate in the exhibition, although Microsoft’s gaming business in Japan is not optimistic, but this conference Microsoft (Japan) will bring the following:

Send a message from Japanese producers.

Bring the latest information from The Xbox Game Pass for PC and Windows 10 of Microsoft Flight Simulation.

Updates from the My World community in Japan.

Bring recently released first and third-party game information.

Information about Microsoft’s new-generation console Xbox Series X will not be made public.