Foreign media: Tesla’s Shanghai super-factory Model Y test line is ready to go into operation.

September 2, according tomedia reports, after the Model 3 production line went into production last year, the production of Model 3 began delivery earlier this year, Tesla’s super plant in Shanghai, this year began a large-scale construction, mainly the construction of Model Y production plant. In its second-quarter results, released on July 22nd, Tesla revealed the progress of the plant through pictures, with the external construction of several plants under construction largely completed and a large amount of equipment in the Model Y plant in place.

Media: Tesla's Shanghai super-factory Model Y test line is ready to go into operation.

The latest reports frommedia show that a Model Y test line at the Shanghai super-factory is ready to go into operation.

In addition,media reports also showed that the Tesla Model Y test vehicle has arrived in the country, in transit was seen in Salt City on a highway.

Model Y, Tesla’s cross-border sport utility vehicle launched last March, was mass-produced and delivered in the first quarter of this year at its factory in Fremont, California.

However, Model Y, which is sold in the domestic market, will be produced by the Shanghai Super plant, and production and delivery has not yet started in the absence of production lines, but has been accepted by consumers, and is currently being booked for the two-motor all-wheel drive long-range and Performance high-performance version, which is expected to start production and delivery as soon as next year.