The first plant at Tesla’s Berlin super plant is basically formed, but not a vehicle assembly plant.

According tomedia reports, the Tesla Berlin super-factory, identified last November, is accelerating construction, with the latest reports frommedia showing that the plant’s first plant has been largely formed, but not used to assemble electric vehicles.

The first plant at Tesla's Berlin super plant is basically formed, but not a vehicle assembly plant.

The first plant at Tesla’s Berlin super-factory was largely formed, following news posted on social media by Tesla enthusiasts that a group of Tesla enthusiasts were keeping an eye on the construction of the Berlin super-factory and posting aerial pictures and videos of the plant’s condition.

Aerial footage released on Monday local time showed that the roof of the super-factory’s drive unit factory was nearly complete, less than 20 percent of the outstanding parts, and that the exterior walls had begun to be installed, most of which had already been completed.

With most of the roofs completed and the exterior walls installed on a large scale, the drive but unit factory is basically formed, the first basic molding plant in the Berlin super-factory.

However, it will take some time for the power unit plant to be completed, and from aerial pictures, the external structure of the plant has basically taken shape, but the internal construction has not yet begun, after the ground hardening, the relevant equipment can enter.

In addition to the power unit plant, tesla’s Berlin super plant is currently under construction in two plants, the construction of these two plants is slower than the power unit plant, the roof structure is already being built, but laying has not yet begun, the external wall has not yet begun to install.