Five unsolved mysteries about Tesla’s electric pickup: Where to make it? To whom?

BEIJING, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) — The Detroit automaker was relieved by cheers and criticism at Friday’s world premiere of Tesla’s electric pickup.

Five unsolved mysteries about Tesla's electric pickup: Where to make it? To whom?

Tesla unveils electric pickup Cybertruck

This futuristic pickup looks like a large metal trapezoid, a far cry from what many expected, and its polarized design can only be seen in sci-fi movies. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the launch, Cybertruck’s production process is expected to be more like a conventional car than a truck.

“The design of trucks has been the same for a long time,” Musk said at a launch at the Tesla Design Center. We want to try something different. “

Before Cybertruck’s debut, Musk’s Slot pickup truck lacked design changes over the last century and singled out Chevrolet, Ford and Ram pickups, which account for the vast majority of pickup sales.

Wall Street and industry analysts believe Cybertruck still has some big outstanding questions ahead of production by the end of 2021, as Tesla’s share price fell 6 percent on Friday.

Design change? More powerful?

At the start of Cybertruck’s launch, a woman presented with a hologram called Cybertruck “the biggest evolution in the history of car style and functionality.” However, some question these two assertions.

Polarization has long been the most commonly used term for cybertruck designs inspired by the film “Silver Wing Killer.”

“For months, Musk has been rejoicing at this design inspired by the Silver Wing Killer, but he still surprises us with his advance in Cybertruck’s futuristic style, which we believe could shatter his dreams. Jeffrey Osborne, an analyst at investment bank Cowen, said in a note to investors on Friday.

Five unsolved mysteries about Tesla's electric pickup: Where to make it? To whom?


Mr Osborne said Tesla appeared to be in a hurry to release Cybertruck because many car parts, such as the rear-view mirror and the windscreen’s wipers, were missing. The quality of these parts and cars has led some to believe that Cybertruck is just a concept car, not an actual production model.

As expected, The Cybertruck’s performance is impressive, with speeds from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds, a tow capacity of more than 14,000 pounds (6.4 tons) and a top speed of 130 miles per hour. The range varies from 250 miles to 500 miles depending on the model.

“While Cybertruck looks very powerful, we don’t think Tesla is able to get into the core market, where there are already a lot of cost-effective cars. RBC Capital Markets analyst Joseph Spak said in a note to investors on Friday.

According to Musk, The Cybertruck overtook the industry-leading Ford F-150 in traction and overtook the Porsche 911 in speed.

To whom?

Cybertruck doesn’t expect to attract millions of traditional truck buyers, who accounted for nearly a fifth of U.S. car sales last year.

Analysts say Cybertruck is essentially a niche model that may appeal to current Tesla owners and influential people (celebrities and people interested in popular culture), but it’s not a mass-market model.

“It’s at best a niche product and doesn’t pose any threat to the pickup market that we currently know about. Matt DeLorenzo, senior executive editor of Kelley Blue Book, a review of automotive value sat, said. Spark calls Cybertruck “the Hummer of an environmentally conscious millennial.”

Tesla has unveiled three Cybertruck models: a single-motor rear-wheel-drive version for $399,000, a dual-motor all-wheel drive version for $499,000 and a three-motor all-wheel drive version for $699,000. Tesla has begun accepting Cybertruck bookings on its website for a $100 deposit.

Debut “Trump”, glass fragile?

The truck was supposed to be tough, but Tesla seems to have taken it to another level.

At yesterday’s launch, Musk said Cybertruck’s “ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel” body was able to withstand the hammer’s knock and the 9mm bullet fired from the pistol. However, there was some embarrassment on the scene when Tesla showed cybertruck ‘armored glass’ robustness.

Five unsolved mysteries about Tesla's electric pickup: Where to make it? To whom?

Roll over at the scene, windows smashed

Franz Von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer, threw a metal ball into Cybertruck’s two window panes to show the strength of the glass. To Musk’s surprise, the window broke, but the metal ball did not break through the glass.

“Oh, my God,” Musk said. “

Mr Osborne believes that on this night, the broken armored glass is remembered and that Tesla’s Cybertruck launch is likely to disappoint current pickup owners. He thinks Cybertruck is still a niche product, not a mainstream model.

Musk also said Cybertruck uses an “exoskeleton” design, which is more like a traditional “one-in-one” car than a “frame-separated” production process used by conventional trucks.

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said cybertruck’s exoskeleton structure uses a stainless steel alloy that SpaceX uses on its starship and is the “most impressive and eye-catching part” of the car’s design.

Where is it produced?

It’s unclear where Tesla plans to build Cybertruck. Tesla said Cybertruck is scheduled to go into production later in 2021, but did not provide any details about the production site.

Tesla has yet to comment on Cybertruck production and other plans.

Automakers typically have specialized truck factories, but if Tesla doesn’t expand its only U.S. plant in Fairmont, California, it doesn’t expect to have additional capacity to produce Cybertruck.

Five unsolved mysteries about Tesla's electric pickup: Where to make it? To whom?

Tesla California Plant

Given Tesla’s ticket-jumping history, the complexity of truck production, and the fact that Tesla has never produced such a car, production will be crucial.

“We want to remind investors that Tesla is used to procrastination,” Mr Spark said, noting that many of Tesla’s announced products have yet to start production. “So while we don’t doubt that Tesla will try to bring Cybertruck to market, the launch will be largely hyped.” “

What competition sits on?

While Cybertruck doesn’t expect to attract traditional pickup buyers, several all-electric pickups will be available in the U.S. to compete with Cybertruck.

GM CEO Mary Barra confirmed Thursday that GM plans to release an all-electric pickup truck by the end of 2021. That’s about the same time as Ford’s all-electric Version of the F-150 pickup.

Five unsolved mysteries about Tesla's electric pickup: Where to make it? To whom?

Rivian’s R1T pickup

In addition, auto start-ups such as Rivian and Lordstown Motors are expected to launch their own electric pickups in the coming years. Lordstown recently bought a large auto assembly plant from GM.

Rivian, which has investments from Amazon and Ford, plans to launch electric pickups and SUVs by the end of 2020 and four more by 2025. The cars will provide up to 400 miles (644 kilometers) of range, combining off-road use with high performance,’ Rivian said.

Lordstown said on Thursday that it had begun accepting bookings for Endurance pickups. Endurance is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of next year, starting at $525,000. (Author/Rain)

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