This was after the first version of half-life turned on real-time ray-tracing

Earlier this month, Nvidia announced that it would re-develop RTX-synth effects for a number of classic PC games, and when this news was announced, many players immediately thought of Half Life, and today we saw the visual effects of Half Life: RTX Remake. It should be noted, however, that this is not the official Half Life RTX, and Nvidia has not yet confirmed whether there is a development plan for Half Life RTX.


This demonstration, released today, gives us a general idea of the visuals of this project.

The author first obtained the material from Half Life, then converted it into the format of ThunderBolt 2, and then carried out a full conversion of the RTX version of ThunderBolt 2.

Unfortunately, the author does not plan to release this “half-life RTX” MOD, according to the introduction, the project is not yet in a playable state.

In short, we see that “Half life” with the real-time light chase of the general effect, for the classic PC game to add RTX idea seems very worthy of trying.

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