Microsoft has begun fixing bugs that caused Windows 10 Photos apps to crash.

Recent updates to the Windows 10 Photos app have caused problems for some users, with the default photo viewer crashing when accessing photos, Windows latest reported. Users of Microsoft’s Question and Answer Forum, Feedback Hub and Twitter also reported the issue. Media were able to reproduce the problem on devices running Windows 10’s May 2020 update, and Microsoft appears to have finally released the bug’s fix to testers on its development channel.

Microsoft has begun fixing bugs that caused Windows 10 Photos apps to crash.

Users’ reactions on social media suggested that this could be due to an update pushed through the Microsoft Store in May, or to Windows 10 2004.

When a user opens a picture from File Explorer or the desktop, the problem is being triggered, which causes the photo app to get stuck on a black or white screen, after which the UWP app crashes. Unfortunately, event viewers do not generate or log bug reports, which means that users cannot diagnose problems or flag problems with the correct information in the feedback hub.

“The Photos app seems to be prone to crashing when viewing many pictures, opening multiple photos at the same time, and letting them open for a while. After a period of time, the photo window reverts to the main page of the photo, and the current picture is lost (cannot be forwarded). “One user pointed out in a post in the Feedback Center.

“The photo window opens, but keeps the white/black screen, no content. Random and inconsistent occurrences have been going on for weeks,” wrote another user.

Fortunately, Microsoft has started rolling out the photo app v2020.20090.1002.0 to testers on the Windows Insider program’s Dev channel and fixing bugs that caused the crash. It is worth noting, however, that officials have yet to respond to the possible causes of the crash.