Lotus electric overrun Evija finally brings ‘dynamic debut’: less than 3 seconds to complete 100km acceleration

Lotus, a small British carmaker, has finally released video of its journey on the runway ahead of its Evija electric super-run, released this summer, according tomedia. Lotus wants it to be the most powerful mass-produced electric car. It is reported that the Evija output power peak is close to 2000 horsepower, output torque peak 1250 lb-ft.

Lotus electric overrun Evija finally brings 'dynamic debut': less than 3 seconds to complete 100km acceleration

Lotus’s own estimates put the weight of the super-run at 3,700 pounds at its lightest, which, to be honest, is not too light for a overrun with a 70kWh battery pack.

According to preliminary estimates, the car can complete 100 kilometers in 3 seconds, 9 seconds or so can accelerate to 186 mph.

The Evija is estimated to run 250 miles at a time, but the actual figure could be lower because European standards are a bit looser on the range of electric vehicles.

Most importantly, this “dynamic appearance” — the first time the public has seen it move — shows that Evija is not a fog piece.

It is believed that more information about Evija will be seen in the coming months, as Lotus plans to start production in 2020. It is understood that the price of the car is expected to be between $1.9 million and $2.6 million, because Lotus plans to produce only 130 cars, the best for consumers to book in advance, a deposit of $310,000.

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