MediaTable cancels 5nm 5G high-end platform: originally tailored for Huawei.

Full sprint 5G pass, Huawei is everywhere limited, the most basic mobile phone processor chip is useless, especially the popular home Kirin was cut off from the road, helpless to turn to TheInco Tianyu series. But Huawei, the only domestic brand that can make a big difference in the high-end sector, is in a very bad situation.

MediaTaf has cancelled plans for a 5G high-end platform based on a 5nm process that would have been almost entirely tailored to Huawei, according to the latest news from the company.

It’s not clear exactly what happens to MediaTable’s high-end 5G platform, but since it’s going to be 5nm, it’s going to be a replacement for the existing Dimensity 1000 series.

MediaTable cancels 5nm 5G high-end platform: originally tailored for Huawei.

If it were to be cancelled al-1, it would not only hurt Huawei, but would also be a major blow to MediaTub, which has just re-emerged.

Earlier, it was reported that Huawei had invested heavily in 120 million chips from MediaTage, but because of the escalation of U.S. sanctions, MediaTbone was unable to continue supplying chips to Huawei.

MediaTation originally stocked Huawei with 30 million mobile phone chips, but because of the new ban, it can only turn to Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other manufacturers to help digest, sources said.

It is worth mentioning that UNISOC announced in February this year the world’s first 5G platform based on the 6nm EUV process Tiger T7520, and has the world’s first full-scene coverage enhanced 5G baseband, do not know whether to enter Huawei’s legal eye?

In addition, the mobile phone chip person also mentioned that, in fact, recently OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi are actively competing for Huawei’s share, especially Huawei left a vacancy overseas, which can be understood, after all, in the business, but because of the special situation, each family in the marketing is also very careful to avoid provoking consumer disgust.