Musk visits German vaccine companies or builds RNA micro-plants for Tesla.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CHIEF executive, has visited Germany’s new crown vaccine company or discussed Tesla’s construction of a RNA micro-plant. On September 2nd, local time, Musk visited Curevac, germany’s new vaccine developer, according to German weekly Spiegel Online.

CureVac is an unsealed German biotech company that is currently developing a new crown vaccine using mRNA-based technology. In fact, Musk announced his trip to Germany on Twitter on August 30th. Asked if Tesla was building an RNA plant with CureVac and what progress it was making, Musk replied that the aforementioned issue and the German superstate were the reasons for his visit to Germany.

Musk visits German vaccine companies or builds RNA micro-plants for Tesla.

Musk tweeted a screenshot.

According to local German media reports, a Curevac spokesman said Musk’s internal visit was closed to the media. They want to discuss cooperation between Curevac and Grohmann, Tesla’s German subsidiary.

On July 2nd Musk said on Twitter that Tesla was building an RNA micro-factory for CureVac and other potential companies as a side project, to be built at Grohmann in Germany.

Tesla has been working with CureVac since last year, electric vehicle media Electrok reported on August 30. Tesla and CureVac jointly filed a patent in June 2019 for a bioreactor for RNA in vitro Transcription, which enables RNA transcription in vitro more quickly and accurately.

Musk also plans to visit German Economy Minister Peter Dutton on September 2, Reuters reported. Peter Altmaier.