Microsoft executives said the price of the XSX would be announced “when we are ready.”

Microsoft and Sony are caught up in a ridiculous cockfight, with both sides seemingly waiting for each other to announce the price of their new consoles first. With less than three months to go until the PS5 and XSX launch, their prices are still unknown, and it’s understandable that prices are an important factor in people’s decision to buy new consoles.

You might think that these price announcements would be issued at any time, but things are still as vague as ever. For example, Samual Bateman, Xbox’s UK marketing director, said on Twitter that while he knew people were waiting for price information to prepare a purchase plan, the details were not fully prepared. “We’ll let you know when we’re ready,” he said.

It was a vague, ambiguous answer, and we had to go back to the starting point – waiting for the price to be announced, thinking it wouldn’t be long.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will attend this year’s TGS digital show, but has made it clear it will not reveal details about the next generation. However, recent reports suggest that details of the XSX and the much-talked-about Xbox Series S will be released before then, although we hope they will also touch on their prices.