Citi Bike e-bike sits back in New York this winter

Citi Bike has announced that its e-bike will return to the New York market this winter,media outlet The Verge reported. Last April, the company pulled thousands of e-bikes from New York after dozens of Citi Bike users were injured while using them. But starting this winter, hundreds of e-bikes will begin to appear at stops across the city.

Citi Bike e-bike sits back in New York this winter

The news comes after the company announced a similar announcement that the e-bikes would return to San Francisco after two fires in electric bike batteries and their suspension.

Both Citi Bike in New York and Bay Wheels in San Francisco are run by Lyft’s ride-sharing start-up, AlE. Citi Bike says it has redesigned the bike’s brakes and is now working with other battery suppliers.

“We expect to start with hundreds of electric bikes this winter and will gradually increase to a larger fleet,” Citi Bike said in a blog post. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. “

Citi Bike will also waive the $2 fixed fee for all e-bike rentals earlier this year, instead charging cyclists only for bike life. “We have received your feedback,” Citi Bike said. User members tell us that they don’t want to pay a fixed fee every time they choose an e-bike. “

The new price for e-bike rental is $0.10 per minute for annual members and $0.15 per minute for non-members per minute. For members who start or end cycling outside Manhattan, the 45-hour ride will be limited to $2. Citi Bike also cancelled the two-minute wait between rides.

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