Call of Duty Update: A Wave of Zombies Is Coming

In recent years, the “biochemical model” has been many game manufacturers to play the fire pure green. So when Call of Duty announced that it was launching a “big wave of zombies” update, it didn’t surprise us earlier. On November 22nd it officially announced the arrival of the new content in a video posted on its official Twitter account @PlayCODMobile. Later in the day, players will be able to start cleaning on the Android/iOS client.

Call of Duty HandTour Update A Wave of Zombies Is Coming

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On the Reddit discussion version of THE COD hand tour, a Momentum employee said the new zombie mode update will be officially launched that night ET (9 p.m. Pacific Time), with the city as follows:

Los Angeles: 22 November 21:00 Pacific Standard Time

New York: November 23, 00:00 EST

Sao Paulo: 23 Nov 23, 2:00 PM

Call of Duty HandTour Update A Wave of Zombies Is Coming

Some other cities can refer to:

London: 23 November 5:00 GMT

Stockholm: CET, 23 November 6:00

Berlin: CET Nov 23 6:00

Moscow: 8:00 am local time on 23 November

New Delhi: IST Nov 23 10:30

Sydney: AEDT, November 23, 16:00

Tokyo: 23 November 14:00 JST

Officially, players are advised to download the COD hand tour for free on high-end Android/iOS smartphones for the best gaming experience. But if your tablet’s GPU performance is good, try installing it.

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