Wireless more than 2.4 and 5GHz cars also have their own WIFI band

Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), announced plans to split the 5.9GHz wireless band reserved for v2V communications technology and use it on Wi-Fi networks,media reported.

We know that the wireless spectrum is a very sophisticated and complex thing. To achieve network security and continuity, we need to specify different frequencies for different types of devices to be distributed over different parts of the spectrum.

In daily life, WIFI has gradually become our necessities of life, whether it is mobile phones, or home smart home need to connect wifi for network data update and exchange.

Therefore, the international regulations, mobile phones, routers and other commonly used wireless network access devices, so that it only supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz two bands. Data can only be transferred in both bands.

But with the mass popularity of the mobile Internet and the more and more access devices, the data transmission services of devices in this spectrum will become slower and more unstable.

And in the automotive field, in the future, in order to realize the interconnection of cars, there will be more vehicles and vehicle equipment into the automotive Internet of Things. At that time, if the same wireless transmission band as smart devices such as mobile phones, it will cause more serious data transmission congestion problems, but also not conducive to the safety of the car network.

However, Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission ,900, recently announced plans to split the wireless band reserved for vehicle V2V communications technology and use it on Wi-Fi networks.

It is reported that as early as 1999, the 5.9 GHz band was assigned to the use of automobile manufacturers. But at that time, because the Internet and the Internet of Things are still in its infancy, the use of wireless transmission in vehicles has no reliable technical support, and there is no use of ecological and scene. So the huge hidden value of the 5.9GHz band has not been discovered by car manufacturers.

In addition, Ajit Pai says the 5.9 GHz band reserved for cars but with less should be split to meet the fast-growing wireless device communications needs. And if devices such as mobile phones and routers also support the 5.9GHz band, communication congestion in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands will be greatly mitigated.

However, under Ajit Pai’s plan, the bands reserved for car companies will not be used exclusively for Wi-Fi, but are only part of it. In addition, the FCC needs to vote on whether to adopt Ajit Pai’s recommendations. The FCC is expected to hold an initial vote on December 12.

Wireless more than 2.4 and 5GHz cars also have their own WIFI band

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