(Figure) Firefox 80.0.1 Release: Brings five important BUG fixes.

Mozilla today released the first maintenance update for Firefox 80. According to the official update log, Firefox 80.0.1 fixes a total of 5 issues, and these fixes are important to the user.

(Figure) Firefox 80.0.1 Release: Brings five important BUG fixes.

Download address: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/80.0.1/

Here are the issues fixed in Firefox 80.0.1.

Fixes a performance regression issue (bug 1661543) when encountering a new intermediate CA certificate.

Fixes a crash issue (bug 1627616) that may be related to the GPU reset.

Fixed rendering issues (bug 1659225) for some websites using WebGL.

Fixed the zoomed-in keyboard shortcut (bug 1661895) in Japanese build.

Fixes download issues related to extensions and cookies (bug 1655190).

Bugs with performance regression were first discovered only a few days ago, but the GPU reset issue linked to Mozilla was first reported five months ago, and the fix was first released in the Nightly release.

According to Mozilla engineers, this problem is solved this way: “This patch adds an empty pointer check to avoid a crash.” The resulting rendering may not be quite correct because the mask (inferred from the crash report stack trace) is not available, but this should be desirable and recoverable relative to the crash. “