NASA’s Curiosity has taken a rare map of mars dust riots.

Gale Crater on Mars, home to NASA’s Curiosity probe, recently received high winds,media reported. The Curiosity team has been photographing the scenery to observe the wind’s activities. Their efforts paid off — a picture of a sandstorm raging in the distance. Discovering dust storms on Mars is tricky, and it requires a lot of image processing.

NASA's Curiosity has taken a rare map of mars dust riots.

Atmospheric scientist Claire Newman wrote in a report updated last week: “But this dust storm is so impressive — if you look closely! — You can see it moving to the right, at the boundary between darker and brighter slopes, even in the original image. “He’s a member of Curiosity’s team.

In this motion picture, the dust storm performs its dance in early August.

Now, Curiosity is doing everything it can to provide scientists with a more complete picture of the wind and dust sweeping across the red planet. “Dust measurements will help us track recent regional dust activity observed on the surface and in orbit of Mars,” Newman said. “