Bill Gates stands up for Huawei: Always very innovative

Recently, Bill Gates came to Beijing again to discuss with his Chinese partners how to promote the resolution of major issues in the field of global health and development through cooperation and innovation. It is the third consecutive year he has visited China since 2017. ‘I personally certainly hope that China-U.S. relations will improve, ‘ Mr. Gates said, referring to China-U.S. relations. So far, none of the work we have done has been particularly affected.

Bill Gates stands up for Huawei: Always very innovative

On the innovation and competition aspects of technology companies, Gates said, “There is no doubt that China will have the world’s leading companies in many areas, which is good for the world.” It is good that Huawei produces low-cost 5G products and competes with other companies, forcing them to lower prices or try to improve their products. Huawei has always been very innovative. “

Mr Gates has previously said in interviews that the idea of “blocking Huawei from entering the US” is unrealistic and not good for the US. Any evaluation and questioning of China should be based on objective testing, not subjective judgment.

If the U.S. government now doubts Huawei’s logic, Chinese is also wondering: “U.S. companies can put planes out of action with just one order?” “Should China also sanction U.S. aircraft manufacturers?”

Gates believes that anyone’s judgment should be based on objectivity. When we sold Windows to China, there were some questions about whether the Windows operating system was secure. So we provided Windows source code to show them what was inside and to make sure that’s what we’re offering.

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