How did one passenger spread the new coronavirus to 23 other people on the same bus?

Numerous studies have shown that the new coronavirus can be transmitted by air, highlighting the importance of wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and proper ventilation,media reported. A new study in China shows that one person infected 23 other people on the same bus because they all shared an enclosed space. The paper proves the possibility of the new coronavirus spreading through the air, showing how a person infected with the new coronavirus transmitted COVID-19 to 23 other people on the same bus in January.

Researchers at the China Center for Disease Control and Disease Control conducted the study. They studied the spread of the new crown virus among passengers on the same bus and compared it with a second group of passengers who took different buses but took part in the same event. “Air travel may partly explain the increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection between these bus passengers,” the study, published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, said. “

The study looked at 128 people who took two buses to a 150-minute religious event, a 100-minute round trip. The patient was a passenger sitting in the middle of the No. 2 bus, as shown in the image below. The patient tested positive for a new crown at the end of the trip, and 23 other people in the same car were infected.

How did one passenger spread the new coronavirus to 23 other people on the same bus?

No matter where people sit on the bus, they are infected with the virus, which seems to indicate that ventilation may play a role in the spread of the disease. “There was no significant increase in the risk of some of the nearer cases on the bus, suggesting that air transmission of the virus may at least partially explain the observed significant high rate of seizures,” the researchers wrote.

It is a possibility that 23 people may have been infected in religious activities. But what happened on another bus showed that the infection occurred mainly within a nearly two-hour drive. The 60 passengers on the No. 1 bus, who participated in the same event with the passengers on the No. 2 bus, were not infected with the virus. Throughout the campaign, only seven people who were not on the bus were infected with the virus, most likely from the same source. A total of 300 people attended the party. Security measures were not in place at the time.